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interlocking stone pavement

Winnepeg Sidewalk & Interlocking Stone Contractors

New or Replacement Sidewalks

Sidewalks serve both a functional and aesthetic role on your property, and when your sidewalk is cracked or crumbling, it has a negative impact on both your home’s appearance and its usability. If your sidewalks need attention, Talon Construction’s dedicated team will be there in no time to talk with you about your wishes and provide the repairs or sidewalk replacement you request.

Interlocking Stone for Winnipeg Homes

Love the look of interlocking stone? Talon Construction can expertly install a sidewalk, patio, planter or window well using this versatile material. Interlocking as stacking stone come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are easy to maintain.

To discuss your project, simply give us a call.

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